The Dakota Organization is a 501C3
non-profit Theater Production Company
based in Minden, Nevada. We are
dedicated to quality live performing arts
with an emphasis on theater.
The Dakota Organization supports The Alzheimer's Association.
A portion of the proceeds of our performances is donated
directly to
The Alzheimer's Association of Northern Nevada.
Without a dedicated group of people working behind the
scenes, community theater would not be possible. If you are
interested in joining up to help make theater magic come to
life, click below to send us your information and we will send
you audition information
The Dakota Organization just concluded our summer production with     
The Tahoe Tallac Association and  5th Age Productions  bringing
"Better Late" to The Valhalla Boathouse Theater in South Lake Tahoe.

Due to the success of this production, The Dakota Organization will be
presenting  -
"Better Late", by Larry Gelbart, for a one night only Dinner
Theatre at the Genoa Lakes Golf course, The performance will be on August
15th. If you were not able to make it to Valhalla, come experience a great
deal - Prime rib dinner and a great show for a bargain price of $35 for non
members, $30 for members.

As Better Late opens, Julian (Nussbaum) is forced to move
in with his ex-wife and her new husband in order to
recuperate from a sudden illness. With each passing day,
the awkward situation spirals further and further out of
control. As the laughter builds, the question becomes: how
long will Julian have to stay? This bitingly funny
December-December-December romance is a
not-to-be-missed new comedy.

"Better Late is part a damn-it-all, Mel Brooks-like feast of
sardonic one-liners in denial, and part a sad and caustic
plea for marital compassion that could have been penned
by an octogenarian Woody Allen, guiltily regretting one of
his failed relationships." - Chicago Tribune

"A breezy entertainment on serious themes, Larry Gelbart's
Better Late explores love, divorce, aging and death with a
mature sensibility and a decidedly mainstream comedic
tone...always diverting and admirably unsentimental." -